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Profile of a Champion

Christopher Dennis was born July 26, 1975 in Kingston Jamaica. The only boy of three showed an interest in sports at a very early age. By six Christopher had began various physical activities such as soccer and competetive dancing. Soon after he was introduced into the world of Martial Arts by his neighbour and now instructor Renshi Karl Tai-loy in the early eighties. Renshi Karl emigrated to the United States in 1984 and vowed that on his return to Jamaica he would open his own Martial Arts school.
It was in the early nineties when Renshi Karl returned keeping his promise and eventually opening the Portmore Seido Karate School where he invited young Christopher to join. Due to financial restrictions within Christopher's family he felt compelled to keep a distance from the school and his neighbour but Karl was persistant in tracking down Christopher as he was able to see the "champion" inside of the boy. Offering a place in his school free of charge with the understanding that Christopher would repay him at his convenience, Renshi Karl began instructing him in the Martial Arts.
After a few months of training Christopher entered his first Karate tournament where to his great disappointment failed to place. But this didn't dampen his strong spirit, one for which he is known for to this day, but only deepened his desire to win. His second tournament was a Team tournament on the north coast of the island where, along with his teammates, were the lowest belts in the competition whose ranks ranged from Blue to Yellowbelts. This had no effect on the young students where they captured Overall First Place against Brown and Blackbelts. It was at this competition where he met and competed against his fighting-mentor Sensei Christopher Collman.
Christopher's Martial Art's career began to elevate at the rank of Brownbelt where at an interview by now Sempai Daniel McLaughlin, he announced that his desire was to become an accomplished instructor instead of becoming known merely for his competition prowess. At the Brownbelt level he captured several First Place trophies in Kata and Sparring Divisions, never leaving a competition empty handed.
In 1995, Christopher along with thirteen other Brownbelts, were the first set of students to recieve Blackbelts for the First Ja. Zen-Do Kai Kan Karate Organization. As a Blackbelt, Christopher began teaching at Wolmer's Prep, Kingsgate Prep, Lynhurst Rd Branch and Portmore Branch of Zen-Do Kai Kan, under the influence and watchful eyes of Renshi Karl Tai-loy who instilled in him the benefits of having a well rounded character in Martial Arts.
As a Blackbelt Christopher captured two Grand Championships as well as several Heavyweight and Traditional titles. In 1998, the now well disciplined Christopher emigrated to Canada where he met author and Kung Fu instructor Sifu Stefan Verstappen who offered him to teach Zen-Do Kai Kan Karate in his school only after he noticed Christopher's ability as a teacher and a competitor. After only one year of teaching Zen-Do Kai Kan at PenDragon School of the Martial Arts Christopher ventured on his own to begin his life-long dream of initiating his own Branch of Zen-Do Kai Kan Karate. He now operates successfully out of a gymnasium at the Charleton Public School in Toronto. He is now preparing himself for the Third Degree Blackbelt set in October 2000 and preparing some of his students for their First Degree Blackbelt in March 2001.
In rememberance of Patricia A.Kidd-Campbell.
With Special Thanks to: Mr. Leslie Campbell, Janet Kidd, Renshi Tai-loy, Chris Collman, Patrick Chang, Dalton Tai-loy, Marcus Reid, Jadin Greenland, Keran Nelson, Derek Dodd, Bello and Clive, Andre Largie, Andre Griffiths, Shaun Barnes, Gillian Pendergast, Kevin Tai-loy, Stefan Verstappen, Kenrick Lalla, Marlin Campbell , Eric Coore and Tsitsi Wong-Chang.

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